Do You Need More Clean Services?

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More Clean Services

You do, and here’s why.

First impressions happen before your clients and customers set foot in your facility. They happen when they pull into the parking lot or even when they drive by. That’s why it’s essential to maintain your exterior properties. Even a brand new property needs cleaning. Construction activity leaves behind dirt and debris so that even when the job is complete, you’re not ready for guests.

Older properties collect dirt and debris that build up over the years, making them look outdated and unkempt. This is not the impression you want your guests to have. In some cases, like on roadways, cleanup situations pose public safety hazards, and that’s not something you want to be liable for. Protect your business, guests, and property with a full menu of commercial and outdoor cleaning services from More Clean of Texas.

Your parking lot is more important than you think.

Think about the last time you pulled into a clean parking lot with bright parking stripes. What did that well-kept parking lot say about that business? What does yours say about you? If it’s clean and striped, it says you’re thorough and you have high standards for your guests’ safety and comfort, but regular sweeping and striping services have practical purposes, too.

Sweeping lengthens the life of your parking lot by removing the debris that breaks down your pavement, striping, and sealant. It keeps you compliant with legal regulations and improves your property’s impact on the local environment. More Clean’s power sweepers feature a regenerative air system that prevents debris from being released into the air after sweeping, because we care about our community, too.

When it’s time to restripe, More Clean is there for you again. We’ll help you plan the most efficient use of your lot, including fire lanes, handicap spaces, and walkways. Then, we’ll get to work on brightening the stripes that keep your guests safe on your property.

Porter services keep your exterior property ready for guests.

We help keep your property clear of debris and garbage without disrupting your regular operations. Our Porter Service provides manual junk and grime removal while scanning your property for eyesores and potential hazards that could cause injury to your guests. In addition to removing trash and spills, your More Clean Porter can empty your exterior trash bins, wash your windows, provide minor repairs, and help you prepare for or clean up after bad weather.

Don’t cut the ribbon just yet.

Congratulations on your new construction, but let’s make sure it’s safe to use. Construction cleanup addresses leftover messes on your property, the adjacent roads, and your parking areas. It not only removes unsightly messes and potential hazards before guests arrive, but it also minimizes trackout and stormwater pollution, as recommended by Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans.

More Clean will remove large debris left by construction crews, then use power sweepers to remove dirt from the affected areas. To polish it off, we’ll execute a complete cleaning of your lots and pathways.

What do you do when it doesn’t come clean?

Call More Clean to come power wash it. We’ll remove years of grime and breathe life back into your concrete structures to enhance your property value and curb appeal. This is a must before painting if you want your paint to last. 

Our techs have the training to get your concrete sparkling without damaging your building exteriors and grounds. We also minimize runoff with reclamation systems that filter the used water and dispose of it using EPA-approved methods.

Stretch that municipal budget with city sweeping.

Every day, more dirt, salt, grime, and pollutants build up on your city streets. This buildup can clog storm drains and eat away at the longevity of your roads. When larger debris gets knocked into the streets by storms and human or animal activity, it can endanger drivers and pedestrians. Keep your city compliant with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System requirements, and keep your citizens safe with regular Municipal Sweeping by More Clean.