The Basics of Construction Cleanup

The Basics of Construction Cleanup

Construction Cleanup

Most people think cleaning up after construction is part of the contractor’s job. But, in reality, it’s usually the owner’s responsibility to clean the site. Subcontractors generally have no obligation to clean up after themselves, either.

Besides being unsightly, the debris is hazardous for your guests and causes delays in your operations. It quickly spreads to the nearby roads and lots, polluting stormwater and potentially making you liable for non-compliance with legal regulations and damages. So, what do you do? You schedule construction cleaning to remove debris at project completion.

What is construction site cleaning?

Note: This is different from cleaning up after an interior remodel or minor construction in a home. We’re talking about outdoor construction site cleaning for commercial properties.

Post-construction cleaning is the removal of debris left behind by the construction process. The accumulation of dirt and scraps is inevitable during the building process. Proper cleaning helps prevent damage to the local environment and the property.

How do you clean up a construction site?

There’s a lot that goes into cleaning a construction site. You shouldn’t try to tackle this level of cleaning without the help of professionals. That’s because the pros have specialized, heavy equipment and trained techs who know how to prepare your property safely and efficiently for business.

We can’t speak for all construction cleanup crews, but our process goes like this:

We’ll start by clearing large debris with the help of our heavy equipment. Then, we’ll come in with power sweepers to clear away the dirt from nearby roads. Once the debris is gone, we’ll perform a complete cleaning of the affected lots, roads, and pathways to help you make an excellent first impression on your guests when your doors open.

What tools are needed?

Along with the heavy equipment and power sweepers used to remove the bulk of the debris, a construction cleanup crew has the right equipment for detailing the property, like power washers and industrial garbage receptacles. Owning or leasing the amount of equipment that’s needed to complete a cleanup successfully is more than what you’ll pay to get the job done, so it’s more practical to call the pros.

Why is post-construction cleanup important?

There’s a reason construction sites are closed off from the public until completion: it’s not safe for untrained people to work in that environment. But just because the temporary fencing came down doesn’t mean your guests are safe. The leftover debris continues to pose a safety hazard around your property. When it reaches the roads, it endangers drivers and stormwater drains. You do not want to get that phone call from the city to talk about how your dirt and trash caused an accident or a drain blockage.

Why call More Clean of Texas?

Simply put, we know what we’re doing. We own the specialized equipment required for virtually any cleanup job. Our techs have the training and experience to safely and quickly deal with large amounts of dirt and debris on roads, lots, pathways, and grounds. We will help you comply with the required regulations so you can open on schedule. Call us today to learn more about how More Clean of Texas can help you with your construction cleaning needs.