Airport Runway Cleaning Trucks

Small airplanes at an airport

Whether it’s a private or international airport, it’s crucial to maintain the runways, ramps, aprons, and taxiways to keep them free of rubber deposits and other potentially damaging foreign objects. Our power sweepers get the job done when it comes to cleaning runways.

What kind of equipment Airport Runway Cleaning Trucks?

We utilize heavy-duty sweeper trucks that are the best in the industry and customized to fit your airport’s needs. Our fleet includes regenerative air sweepers and mechanical broom sweepers to remove debris from an airport or other landing site. 

Our commercial-grade runway cleaning machines are designed to keep landing strips free of foreign objects. However, landing gear leaves behind rubber deposits on the surfaces of runways and aprons, posing a risk by reducing traction. Other materials, like dirt, leaves, rocks, gravel, branches, snow, and ice deposits, can also build up over time.

What is a mechanical broom sweeper?

Our mechanical broom sweeper trucks are designed to keep paved surfaces free from rubber deposits left by aircraft tires. Mechanical sweepers have rotating cylindrical brooms that fling dirt and debris into a conveyor, which is carried into a hopper for collection. 

Although they are excellent for collecting heavy materials like coarse sand and gravel, mechanical brooms are less effective at managing finer things. This is because the abrasive quality of the mechanical broom pulverizes larger particles into smaller ones.

How does a regenerative air sweeper work?

Regenerative air sweepers use pressurized air to lift dirt from the surface and deeper into the pavement, such as cracks and potholes. Next, dirt and grime are drawn into a hopper, where the heavier materials fall. Finally, lighter forms of debris, such as leaves, are trapped by a screen and then ventilated out. Because of this, regenerative air sweepers are better at collecting particles than their mechanical counterparts.

What type of sweeper is best to clean runways?

These commercial-grade runway cleaning machines have powerful sweepers, but each is designed to be used for different purposes.

Deciding which runway cleaning truck you need depends on what you are trying to achieve. For example, mechanical broom sweepers work best for removing rubber deposits. These rubber brooms work to draw the loose particles on the surface of a runway up and into the sweeper bucket. 

Regenerative air sweepers can be used to keep paved surfaces free of foreign objects but not necessarily remove rubber deposits. However, they do a great job sweeping up rocks and other debris that pose a risk by reducing traction.

Together, these heavy-duty runway cleaners provide superior performance along with maximum durability. Because we have both mechanical broom sweepers and regenerative air sweeper trucks, we can handle rubber deposits and pick up smaller debris, keeping the ground safe for aircraft movements, takeoffs, and landings.

Let our airport cleaning trucks help you.

If you have a heavy-duty runway cleaning challenge, we can help you with our selection of equipment. Let us know what kind of service you need, and we’ll send our high-quality runway cleaning trucks and other vehicles to do the job.

We also provide pressure washers for areas such as airports, car lots, sidewalks, and more. If you have any questions, please contact More Clean today!