Hire More Clean of Texas Street Sweeping for Municipalities

Close up of Gutter Broom on sweeper truck

More Clean of Texas offers street sweeping for municipalities to help keep the streets clean and clear of debris. Our comprehensive sweeper services are a great way to keep your roads looking their best and help prevent any potential hazards from debris on the streets. 

We use the latest technologies and equipment to provide a thorough sweep of the streets, and we can work with you to create a customized plan that fits your municipality’s needs. So, whether you are a city manager, a public works administrator, or a homeowners’ association, More Clean can help.

What is street sweeping, and why is it important?

Street sweeping is the process of removing debris from streets and sidewalks. Salt, sand, leaves, broken glass, small pieces of metal, construction debris, and other types of litter quickly accumulate without a regular street sweeping schedule in place. 

These items can be a hazard to drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, so keeping the streets clean is essential for safety. It also helps prevent debris from becoming stuck in the gutters, which can lead to flooding.

Keeping your streets clean not only makes them look nicer but also helps prevent accidents and injuries and protect the environment. Think of street sweeping as a public relations tool for your community. The appearance of your community tells people if the city manager or neighborhood homeowners’ association cares enough to make sure the roads are safe and clean.

The benefits of street sweeping for municipalities

EPA Compliance

Street sweeping is essential to ensure compliance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. Public works departments must be proactive to remain in compliance. Debris on the street can contaminate the water supply and cause environmental problems. By regularly cleaning the roads, cities can reduce the amount of waste that enters waterways.

Public Safety

Street sweeping helps keep your streets safe. Debris on the roadway can cause accidents and lead to injuries. By keeping the streets clean, we can help reduce the chances of accidents and injuries. In addition, residents and visitors will know that your city cares about their well-being when they see street sweepers at work.


Debris on the street can detract from the appearance of neighborhoods. Keeping the main thoroughfares clean makes your community look its best. While most people take street sweeping for granted, it is apparent to everyone who lives and works in a neighborhood when essential maintenance has not been performed.

How More Clean of Texas can help your city

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced street sweeping company, More Clean of Texas is here to help. We offer a wide range of street sweeping services tailored to meet the needs of municipalities. 

We use the latest technologies and equipment to provide a thorough sweep of the streets. We work with city managers, public works departments, and even homeowners’ associations to create a customized plan and street sweeping schedule that fits your city’s needs.

Set up your street sweeping schedule with More Clean today!