Big Trees Make Your Property Value Grow

Big Trees Make Your Property Value Grow

Big Trees Make Your Property Value Grow

Would you believe us if we told you a few simple trees can make an enormous difference to the sale price of your home? Well, you better believe it! You can literally watch your property value grow, and an easy way to do this comes down to one solution: Landscaping + More Clean of Texas.

It’s true – studies provide insight that prove properties with mature trees and tidy landscaping provide more than beauty – they increase the value of your home, attract buyers, shoppers, and tenants – and demand premium prices.

Save Energy – Benefit the Environment

Besides increasing property values and creating a more desirable street on which to live, the benefits of trees are endless; including saving energy and benefiting the environment. In the winter, trees that have lost their leaves let sun filter through and warm buildings and homes, and in the summer, the shade provided by trees cut energy use. With careful position of trees, you can save 25 to 35 percent in energy consumption per year! (That’s a big deal in Texas!)

When is the Best Time to Plant Trees?

With this, you may be thinking when the best time to plant large trees and start adding value to your property. At More Clean, we design with a strategy in mind. Meaning, we look comprehensively at the site before planting, and usually suggest very early spring (this will allow the tree ample time to become established before the heat of Texas summer or freezing winter temperatures come around).

Of all improvements to boost home value, landscaping and planting of trees is one that will get you the largest return on your invest. That’s why we design with a strategy that won’t chase away buyers!

Start adding value and natural beauty to your landscape by giving the professionals at More Clean of Texas a call to elevate your property this season, and watch the value of your property stand out from your competitors. Simply give us a call at (844) 655-1987.

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