Parking Lot Vacuums—How to effectively clean and maintain your parking facilities

More Clean of Texas sweeper truck in front of More Clean of Texas offices

Parking lots and garages are your customers’ first impression. We aim to make parking lots look their best with our high-performance parking lot vacuum equipment. Litter, construction debris, and organic matter can become hazardous if not handled promptly and properly. We handle the problem simply and quickly, making sure that the integrity of your parking […]

Airport Runway Cleaning Trucks

Small airplanes at an airport

Whether it’s a private or international airport, it’s crucial to maintain the runways, ramps, aprons, and taxiways to keep them free of rubber deposits and other potentially damaging foreign objects. Our power sweepers get the job done when it comes to cleaning runways. What kind of equipment cleans airport runways? We utilize heavy-duty sweeper trucks […]